European Factory of coated & self adhesive films for Decoration & Large Format Printing

Coated self-adhesive printing films for large format inkjets

Coated self-adhesive printing films of the highest standards. Ikonos is one of the leading European manufacturers of LFP media for indoor and outdoor applications. We offer a wide range of products for decoration of glass, walls, floors etc. Our coated self-adhesive printing films are suitable for eco-, mild-, solvent, UV, screen and latex ink-jet technologies.

Surface lamination helps to avoid virus infection news cover

Surface lamination helps to avoid virus infection

Surface lamination helps to avoid virus infection. Above all, Ikonos laminates give surfaces the uniformed structure. Plane areas are easy to clean even with the single...
Anti-virus PET counter barrier

Anti-virus PET counter barrier – protection from COVID-19

Anti-virus PET counter barrier is a physical separator of people. It helps to prevent propagation of the coronavirus. It is extremely easy to clean and disinfect. While...
Home education with joy - turn any flat surfaces into a whiteboard with Ikonos lamination film for dry-erase markers

Home education with joy – how to overcome the boredom?

Home education with joy - how to overcome the boredom? The first idea is how to easily and with low cost turn any flat surface into dry-erase board. Home education must...
Relilable source of printing media news cover with plotter in the background

Ikonos – the reliable source of printing media

Ikonos - the reliable source of printing media for large format printers. We are present on the market of digital printing for over 25 years. We never stop in...
fespa madrid 2020 postponed news cover

Fespa Madrid 2020 is postponed

Fespa Madrid 2020 is postponed. We will inform you, Dear Partners, when we will know the new date of the event. In the meanwhile we keep fingers crossed so that...
Contribute to reduce CO2 emissions news cover

Contribute to reduce CO2 emissions by choosing Ikonos printing media

Contribute to reduce CO2 emissions by choosing Ikonos printing media! Innovative and ecological thinking identifies the firm the most. Over the years of collecting...
dusted glass-decoration film is back news cover

Dusted glass-decoration film is back again

Dusted glass-decoration film is back again. Some years ago we produced dusted. It was sand-color decoration self-adhesive film for glass surfaces. However successful it...

Eco-friendly company

The quality of our lives depends on state of the environment we live in. We consider care for the planet, natural environment, health and resources, one of our main goals.

We provide worldwide the most innovative large format printing solutions. The products we introduce to the market are PVC-free and recyclable materials of the best quality. The whole Ikonos PVC-free media offer is an ecologically responsible alternative to printing vinyls.

This is also why we made radical changes to our packaging systems. We significantly reduced the branding areas. Our sleeve-bags are now biodegradable. The cardboard isn’t processed anymore, and so it remains in its natural color.

We abide best practices in the industry. All of the media produced in our factory are REACH compliant and recyclable. We also constantly increase the range of offered PVC-free materials.

Self-adhesive printing media

Ikonos factory produces mainly self-adhesive printing media. There is wide range of materials we create from – PVC, PET, PP, PE or paper. 20 years on the market of self-adhesive materials for large format inkjets make us very experienced and reliable. Over the years we developed and improved production of self-adhesive vinyls. We work with both monomeric and polymeric PVC. Our production environment is a strictly controlled area regulating all of the relevant factors. In consequence Ikonos calandered and cast vinyls are of highest quality. We have specialized our SAV products for particular jobs they do.

First of all one can suit the printing media for any kind of printing technology. Starting from eco solvent ink, thought mild solvent, hard solvent, LATEX, UV, screen-print, finishing on offset printing. Secondly, there are many different sizes of rolls available. When it comes to length and width, the materials fit most of the large format inkjets. Our printing media offer great printer-oriented flexibility.

All of Ikonos products are REACH compliant. The factory cares for the quality of the final product. This is why all of the components are under laboratory control. Our Research & Development Division works constantly on improvements to make our films better in every way.

All across the Ikonos catalog the offered media share some important features. Reach compliant, heavy metal free, recyclability, VOC-control or high quality print. Our paper-based products are biodegradable and the most commonly used adhesive is water-based. Additional common printing methods to all of the materials are the eco-friendly ones.

The printing vinyls are most commonly used worldwide. This is still the dynamically growing market just as inkjet printing or digital printing expands. However, we also offer many PVC-free – eco-friendly solutions. These are based on polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester or paper. These new materials combined with environmentally friendly print technologies result in products for the 21st century.

Lamination films - protection and enhancement

The additional layer over the printed film is very often a necessity. Especially when it comes to applications in direct contact with the recipient. Reliable laminate extends the durability and also makes the cleaning maintenance easier. The overlamination benefits in improvement of vividness of the print job as well. Most of all the process is easy thanks to cold lamination films. In the long run this additional investment brings great savings.

Decoration films

Generally the interior decoration is a very wide term. It refers to wall graphics, floor graphics and also glass decoration. The building market is flowering and so decoration materials with it. These printing media provide both general improvement of interior look and the functionality like UV filter blocking the harmful ultra violet light rays. Our frosted-effects glass decoration film, for example, can block the translucence of the window. It remains printable or can be into wanted shape.



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