The honest way to put something to the test is to give it to somebody who remains in no close relation or dependency from us. Person like this is able to give an objective feed back information about tested product. This is what we do, because an opinion about our media is the most valuable when it comes from someone from the outside, from someone who has experience with similar products. 

We tested our car wraps.

It was another time we met in our company to teach about car wrapping. As always it started with theory, than the professional wrapper took our guests to the showroom to present how to prepare the work, how to deal with difficult shapes of a car and warned about bad practices. It was a comprehensive, several hours long training. 

Printable car wrapping foil can be easy to apply!

We are really glad to put Ikonos’ casted wrapping foil to the test. We are very proud of the product its quality and functionality. “Fast & Easy” technology makes the work much easier. Our wrap is simply user-friendly material.

Special thanks to Atrium Plotter Center – their inks and machines make the perfectly white material shining with bright living colors.

Some of the tips are described in the video clip. In the next one we will go more into details.

It was a great pleasure to spend this time together. Thank you for taking part. Thank You for watching and see You next time!

GPG C50 Air

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