Every job can go smoothly when it’s well prepared. The part of preparation is the choice of media to print on. The right one will enhance printing experience. Even with as basic material as white back paper. First of all it can speed up your work. The reliability of material means that it keeps expected quality in the volume. We discuss printing in here. However, there’s no doubt that it applies to everything else.

Good media equals good quality of final print. There are many different types of printing films and papers on the market. Certainly not all of them can be considered good quality. Moreover it goes together with mood of people who work with it. No curling effect, stability, ink absobtion and also durability make it comfortable to work with. These are important features which enhance printing experience.

Here is why our printing white back paper distinguishes itself from other similar products available.

Wonderful printing properties of this 200 g poster paper lead to great final results Poster Pro WB200 is suitable both for indoor and outdoor application. It’s water-resistant, which means it will remain indifferent for presence of the moisture in the air. Thank’s to its special structure it transfers details with higher precision. For the same reason the pigments remain vivid. This poster paper was tested for fast printing. Thanks to fast drying technology it will save a lot of time and space in every print house.

Wide dimension range of the paper rolls

We offer 1.0678, 1.27, 1.37 & 1.62 meter widths of the rolls. The available choice lets to suit the printing media to the most of plotters in the most efficient way

Print with eco-solvent, mild-solvent, solvent, latex or UV, but always with the best results

The material works with most of printing techniques. Thanks to that it can be efficiently used on most of the printing machines.

Biodegradable, recyclable and PVC-free – all the things modern printing needs

Printing goes green for years already. Everything changes very quickly. Eco-friendly becomes everything that plays a role in the industry. From inks, film, adhesives and solvents ending on the media itself – all must make sure that it will not damage the environment.

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