The glass surfaces can be interesting, now. They are suitable to carry a message we want to send to the world. We have means to transform them into an advertisement. Or we can enhance the look of a window to fulfill the general design. It’s the job for our line of glass decoration films. These printable media give the surface an effect of frosted glass. They partially block the light and give charming, sparkling-ice impression. Additionally the film comes in several base colors. This certainly makes it even more useful. In conclusion, the frosted effect glass decoration film potential is great.

Base purpose of this decoration film is to block the sight. In consequence the window becomes a translucent panel. The pre-printed frosted pattern will interact with the light. It will give the impression of sparkling ice. The frosted effect is tasteful and pleasant to the eye. The basic colour of film is silver. This is what makes it universally fitting any color composition. Importantly the decorative potential of this glass decoration film is much greater.

Techiques to apply the Frosted Glass Effect film

Firstly, there are more color options of Frosted! Namely we also have rose, blue and green colors. Each one is very nice. The only question is which one will fit best?

Secondly, Each variant of the glass decoration film is printable! It is not a problem when it comes to add some titles or images. The product leaves full flexibility to the user when it comes to finishing it. It is compatible with all digital printing technologies. Also including LATEX and UV. Additionally you can also use it for screen-print.

Thirdly, this can be easily machined, cut into some desired pattern. It can leave spaces uncovered to show logos or titles. It also can be used to mix all of the techniques to the best effect! Sky is the limit here. The frosted effect glass decoration film will help to reach it.

Just watch our video clip and to find out how nice it is to work with the material.

User-friendly decoration film with Fast & Easy technology

The decoration film is also very user-friendly. It requires very little technique during the application process. It’s Fast & Easy version makes removal of air-bubbles as simple as possible. The Fast & Easy technology describes the structure of the adhesive layer. In few words the layer of glue has a structured of little channels. That’s what allows easy removal of air from underneath.

Decoration application show

Learn more about the product! Watch also the short clip about the material. This two minute long film shows the application process. Additionally, it shows how user-friendly is the Frosted film . Certainly, this extra minute or two is worth the while.


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