It’s glossy, it’s removable, it’s light blocking… it’s profiflex GRT BLM 100+

Whenever it comes to a change of a graphic design it so often becomes quite challenging attempt. The very first thing one must do to place a new picture is to remove the old print. The one that hanged in the place for longer while and got used to the place itself, to people around, to the thought of being seen… So yes, it will struggle to resist every attempt violating its space. It will tear apart into hard to remove little pieces. Even if one will eventually succeed he will find out that this is just the beginning of exhausting process of cleaning the surface from ruts and grooves formed by solidified, old glue. This is so-called revenge from the bin experience.

But hey! One can always cover the old print with the new one, right? Of course, but final effect of such approach will depend on proper preparation. Old surface must be equally covered with the grey glue before new print can be applied otherwise everybody will see the ghost of the past.

High opacity, white, monomeric, self-adhesive PVC film is a solution

Another, the easiest way to win this battle is to use high opacity media, like GRT BLM 100+. With this one all you need to do is to place it over the old picture. No special preparation needed, except maybe a little soft detergent wipe of the old surface before gluing.

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