New product in the Ikonos AQUA series available soon.
Thanks to the dedication and hardworking of our production team, we are glad to inform you that by the beginning of August, the newest product of our AQUA series; PROFICOAT PHOTOPAPER PPM W 220 SM AQUA, will be available on stock. It is a high quality Photopaper, 250 g/m2 , with semi-matt coating dedicated for printing with water-based and pigmented inks.
Highest printing resolution, optimum ink absorption, and vivid colours are guaranteed by our top coating. PPM W220 SM AQUA will be available in width 0,914 m and standard length of the rolls will be 30 m.

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department to place your first order already now.

New product in the Ikonos AQUA series