Every printed surface is under the risk of being accidentally damaged or purposely vandalized. The chance is inversely proportional to the distance between the exposed media and the recipient. And since many projects are designed to be on view for longer time it is worth to know the way to increase its durability.

What is the correlation between the laminated image and cost saving?

We can rent 24 hour guard in purpose to have our design under surveillance, but I doubt it would be workable. The easier and cheaper way is to cover the surface with protection film. Of course this additional layer means additional cost of the project. However, considering the other benefits it in fact may mean that the overall cost is lower than it would be without it.

Lamination film allows to remove paint from the surface without any damage

It is not hard to imagine that someone sprays the paint across our image. In case that the paint is directly on the print means in fact that we must make this job all over again. This already doubles the cost. This situation would not happen if there was protective layer on top of the print – in the case all that has to be done is cleaning the surface from unwanted paint.

Protection film Antigraffiti is a transparent PET
One can not even notice it’s even there!

Someone may ask if this additional layer will not affect the print quality? No, it will not if the film itself has good properties. Antigraffiti is the first league of protective films. It is thin, optical clear and very durable.

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