One more full month has left until the end of the first half of 2019 and we introduced over 10 totally new printing materials already. This week there are two new products that almost simultaneously passed the physical and chemical tests. In this article I am about to cover just one one, because no doubt they both deserve separate articles. Our point of interest focuses this time on material named MRT PP 140.

PVC-free, biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) printing film for eco-solvent, latex and UV

PP140+ Titan is our another product to enrich our offer and the family of Ikonos’ PVC-free products. Polypropylene has great mechanical and chemical properties. BOPP as a version of PP is a version of it with fantastic printing qualities, no shrinkage effect, and long durability.

Can BOPP, PP and PET printing film be recycled?

Polypropylene is recyclable material. Additionally it recycles easier than for example PVC which releases plenty of harmful substances during the process. The new film causes no such problems, plus it is perfectly indifferent for human health and made to be printed with most ecological methods like eco-solvent, UV and latex.

What makes the wide printing media rolls high quality?

The high quality of a product is an outcome of many elements, like physical and chemical properties of the components and technological processes including preparations, proper storage and so on. Ikonos factory of media leaves nothing to chances. We carefully prepare and describe every single process in order to be able to repeat it with every production cycle. Thanks to that there’s no space for unwanted surprises left. We are proud to have exemplary quality control.

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