There is quite many concepts of aesthetics. However most of them seem to notice the power of geometrical form. Of course when we talk about equilateral triangle, square, hexagon, circle, cube or sphere we have in mind some abstract concepts of perfection that exists in some ideal world. Even if these prefect shapes do not occur in their immaculate form in nature, they remain very influential. The concept is existing and is so well understood that it doesn’t need material representation. Such ideas have overwhelming influence on our thinking, because our minds need and use abstract formes to percept the outside world, to put it in order and make it understandable.

In few words geometry, symmetry and patterns are pleasing to human minds, so geometry based prints will always look good as a decoration.

The quality of the media is just as important as the properties of an image itself and of the printing machine. All of the elements must be nearing standard. The fastest jet isn’t worth much run on the poorest fuel, is it? The rule applies to most of the things and large format printing is not an exception here. The printing media properties determine the look of physical representation of your work.

Our new wallpaper for printing will amaze everyone

Interior decorations are particularly demanding in the manner, because they are seen from close distance. In order to good-looking final effect the media must be able to transfer colors and details faithfully.

Health-safety and large format printing media

The safety of materials plays especially important role when it comes to interior decoration. It is so because we have frequent, direct contact with them. It is better not to take their safety for granted, because toxicity is a sneaky hazard, that we can find out about when it is too late.

Environment-friendly media.

The day will come when eventually the printed material will have to be removed. Everyone has heard about plastics that degrade for tens or hundreds of years, poisoning the environment in the process. Our product will not harm the environment and after several years there will be no trace of it. No heavy metal or other chemical waste. This wallpaper is the best choice for health and environment.

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