Ikonos Proficast

GPG C50+

Proficast is the line of high-quality self-adhesive Ikonos films for car wrapping. GPG C50+ serves physical protection & protects body paint from fading. Above all, it allows for superb quality image reproduction. It is just as perfect for vehicle decoration and advertising.

GPG L50+ is self-healing super-durable self-adhesive cast film for printing. The white glossy surface can be successfuly printed with eco-, mild- or hard solvent inks just as with LATEX and UV curable. The film increases the lifetime of car paint. Firstly because it creates a barrier from physical & chemical damage. Secondly, it filters UV radiation preventing colors fading.

In addition, it creates self-healing surface making the body work long lasting. The pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) makes work with the material comfortable. Thanks to grey adhesive the film has optimal opacity.

Our special solvents is 100% non-aggresive and will not react with the print.

In short words, the car wrapping helps to advertise on the car, bus, truck, etc. It protect from physical and chemical influence. It aids in keeping the car clean. In addition, the UV filters provide superb protection of colors. They will remain for the long time bright like they were printed yesterday.

Proficast manual

Did you know?

Thanks to Ikonos cast self-adhesive lamination you significantly increase durability of your car paint. The film creates physical, self-healing barrier over the car body. Meanwhile, the Ikonos UV filters effectively protect the colors from fading.

Advantages: Features: Application:
– self-healing cast film
– superb UV filters
– high durability
color enhancement
– no shrinking
– choice of roll widths
– high resistance
– wide range of applications
– suitable for many printing technologies
– made in EU
REACH compliant
– recyclable
– ultimate protection of car paint & design


Cast for wraping
Cast, white, glossy PVC film
50 mic
Eco-solvent / Mild-solvent / Solvent / Latex / UV
Ikonos Proficast GPG C50+ is perfect for all long-term outdoor applications under the most extreme conditions, on any curved and flat surfaces. Ikonos Proficast GPG C50+ has been developed for automotive decoration, especially for applications with very deep indents.
Solvent-based, permanent, grey, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, with high resistance against UV-radiation, chemical products and humidity.
Available sizes
Width (meters)
Lenght (meters)
*other lenghts on request
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