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Deco Art Series Linea no.3

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The Linea film belongs to Ikonos super-thin, glass decoration self-adhesives. The product is also pre-decorated! With esthetically pleasing dark silver line pattern. Additionally, it is recyclable, REACH compliant & and 100% PVC-free.

The Linea film is Ikonos super-thin glass decoration film. Nevertheless, it is very durable self-adhesive. The product is also pre-decorated! With esthetically pleasing white line pattern. It is also printable in UV curable and screen print technologies. The crystal clear PET & original Ikonos adhesive combine into this high-quality material. Additionally, it is recyclable, REACH compliant & and 100% PVC-free.

The decorative aspect is especially important. However, another key property is that the pattern can block the vision. This can be very useful in spaces demanding this kind of separation.

Ideal base-product for many anti-virus applications!

In the context of the coronavirus, our patterned film also works to Your advantage. It is easy to clean & disinfect. Suitable to cover any flat and transparent surface.

By choosing Ikonos Deco Art Series you contribute in the reducting of carbon dioxide emissions

We also made many pro-ecological changes in the factory. For example we installed additional solar panels. As a result we increased the share of sustainable energy in the production. This is how we contribute to reducing of CO2 emissions. In other words by choosing our products you help the environment and the planet. Thank You!

Advantages: Eco-friendly: Application:
crystal clear
many available patterns
high resistance
– super-thin
– no shrinkage
– no curling
– vivid colors
high printing quality
– suitable for UV & scereen print
– made in EU
REACH compliant
– recyclable

– transparent surfaces decoration

– schools

– offices

– hotels & restaurants

– homes

Glass decoration PET Film
Dark silver, patterned
Transparent (crystal clear), permanent
38 μm
UV, Screen Print
Long term, self-adhesive glass decoration PET film. Recommended for any flat and transparent surfaces such as windows, shop windows, glass doors, glass walls. Dedicated for indoor aplications.
Available sizes
Width (meters)
Lenght (meters)
PPT LS38+ no. 3
*other lenghts on request
Attachment Size