Christmas decoration materials are necessary long time before actual festive begins. It is known that every year the shops switch to Xmas mode weeks earlier. That is not weird at all. Every shop wants to sell the most. Nice and knit decoration certainly helps it. It is good that there are so many Christmas decoration materials to choose from.

The printing media and certainly these for large format inkjets are generally useful. They allow to totally change every place with relatively low cost and effort. One can choose from range of glass, floor and wall decorations. These media can be printed or cut to shapes imitating in example snowflakes or trees. With printing vinyls, every dream-design can come true. As a result the customers are more willing to visit a place. Certainly most people love Christmas. A nicely decorated space is something folks love even more.

Self-adhesive Christmas decorations

The self-adhesive christmas decorations have plenty of virtues. Firstly they are very easy to machine or even hand-cut. The material is thin yet flexible and quite durable. It also doesn’t require special tooling system. When it comes to such materials as frosted glass effect film it also doesn’t even need any printer. The material itself is decorative and looks very nice. All you need to do with it is to give it a shape and mount it on the glass surface. It will look perfect both from the inside and the outside.

Secondly the SAVs are appliable almost everywhere. They can fulfill and decorate every space.

Thirdly they are the effective way to attract attention or send some message to the world. After all it is all what visual communication is about.

christmas decoration film color materials on glass

Ikonos printing media

Ikonos printing media are generally the user-friendly products. When it comes to print, cutting and also mounting. For instance most of our media can be printed in all available technologies of digital printing. The drying times of ink are short, thanks to fast drying technology. The colors on our films look vivid and bright, and the tone passes are rich.

The application of the self-adhesives, even in the large format, can be really easy! All of it thanks to our fast & easy technology relying on the tunnel structure of glue.

Watch the movie here to see how easy can be the application!

With this kind of material, there’s no need to worry for air bubbles no more. Mare movement of a squeegee will move it out from underneath.

If you are looking for a proper printing film for the job, you have in mind simpy contact us. We will tell you which product is the best for it.

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