Happy Halloween 2019! Let the house decoration, pumpkins and costumes time began. The Ikonos team wishes You all a lot of fun And candies – of course . After all it is all about the fun, isn’t it? People disguised, pumpkins shaped in scary faces and houses decorated. This is certainly the happy way to celebrate the eve of All Saints Day. So again – Happy Halloween 2019!

Happy Halloween – its Celtic origins

Samhain was the Celtic name of the Halloween. It originates from the old festival marking the end of harvest season and Summer. In previous centuries the cold season – the “Dark Half” of the year was seen rather as grim time. No wonder. The long nights and a cold. Also the reliance on limited supplies didn’t made people cheerful. Especially when we consider how little means were in their disposal to find any joy during the Winter. This is why they had such a large-scale celebration. Firstly it was to thank the gods for harvests and to ask them for the mild and short Winter. Secondly — this one is more prosaic — to give people some fun and help them survive.

happy Halloween wide image

Whatever the reasons were, the original celebration itself was rather a brutal one. From what we know the offerings to gods were made not from crops and fruits only… Certainly the way they were offered was also not pretty. So let’s be happy these customs transformed the way we know them today.

What shaped the happy face of Halloween over the centuries 

Long story short, the evolution… or rather the revolution for Samhain was triggered in 43 bc. The landing Roman soldiers in Britannia started this change. This was the beginning of the process shaping the happy face of the halloween.  However, the old customs die long. They die eventually by transforming into something new anyways. So in fact, they die just partially. The elements of the old customs are joining with the new ones implemented in they place.

Also this time it wasn’t any different. The old Celtic Samhain combined with Roman customs and these were combined with Chrystian celebrations. In time it evolved and absorbed commercial elements as well. The Day we know today is combination of these elements. Whatever the story behind it is a happy time now. In other words let’s stick to it.

Happy Halloween!

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