The frosted glass effect film – how to apply self-adhesive media. We just uploaded the new video clip on Youtube. The short, fast-forward flick shows the potential of the material. Additionally it points out on two important steps one should do during the work with the product. Namely – it is important to spray the surface with water. And also to use the transport film when working with shape-cut pattern. These rules universally apply to work with self-adhesives. The frosted glass effect film is no different in the manner.

General rules of application of self-adhesive film

Let’s summarize general rules of application of self-adhesive film. The surface must be degreased & dusted. Otherwise the film will not be able to create perfectly flat surface. This would ruin the effect and force us to start over. As mentioned – use transport film. This will make easy to adhere complex shapes. Another thing is to wet the surface. It certainly makes repositioning easier and additionally it allows to get rid of air bubbles. Finally – work with squeegee carefully enough to not to damage the film. It is better to take little longer than to repeat the work.

The application rules of the frosted glass effect self-adhesive film also apply to other media

It is a simple truth that everything we do requires a practice. Certainly the time spent this way will pay off soon. A little bit of time spent with the material can be very inspiring. Additionally, the application rules of the frosted glass effect self-adhesive film apply to other media. In fact the key to work with self-adhesives is to understand its basic properties. Therefore we will always remember the order of the steps. In other words it will be clear why one thing must follow the other. This is the benefit of practice.

Good luck and enjoy the video! The self adhesive decoration vinyl used in the clip is here.