The self-adhesive films are often uneasy to stick nicely. Not to mention repositioning. It is so either because of air-bubbles or general weakness of the material. With Ikonos Quick Stick it is not a problem anymore. This self-adhesive material is for absolutely everyone. Neither experience is needed, nor special skills. Just stick it and that’s it. Additionally, if you change your mind about the placement – it is also not a problem! All because this is Ikonos Quick Stick. The easy to reposition self-adhesive film!

Just imagine how much time and effort material like this can save! For instance it puts together several important properties. As a result creating ultimate self-adhesive vinyl. The product meets all of the possible expectations one can have. It is 100 micro meters thick. The glue is point-structured. Therefore it is easy to remove air-bubbles. It keeps itself firmly to the surface. There is also no problem with reposition. To clarify, it isn’t an issue, even after longer time. Everything one actually must take care of, is to clean the surface before the application.

Self-adhesive printing film with no limits

Easiness of application is one element. But there are certainly many more important properties. Firstly, one of these is that our self-adhesive film allows for print in all common technologies. The material is compatible with eco-sol, mild-sol, hard-sol, LATEX, UV and Screen-print. Secondly, it allows to print vivid and sharp images on white or transparent base. The gloss and matt coat is also available. In other words our Quick-Stick puts no limits.

User-friendly easy to reposition self-adhesive

Certainly the described qualities make the product user-friendly. Everyone can mount it like a professional. Thanks to glue structure the “undo” is always an option. It makes it even easier no doubt. Quick Stick means simply do it and forget it. No need for tools or special abilities. This is complication-free LFP media. The easy to reposition self-adhesive film significantly changes the game. Now every one may partake.

Perfect material for short term advertising

The material was designed for short-mid term indoor application. To be easy to use, but as reliable as any other material. The adhesive point-structure makes it possible.

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