The process of application of floor decoration films can be fast and easy now! The game-changer is our specially designed material. Firstly the product is thick and durable with anti-slippery structure. It doesn’t require lamination what makes it in the end cheaper than two layer solutions. It also does not tear and is invulnerable for edge lift ups. Ikonos WF200 will stay firmly in place when applied properly and serve its purpose full period of time. In other words – this is the future of floor decoration film application.

Secondly the special Ikonos bubble-free adhesive makes the air easy to remove. The glue is very high-tack what allows decoration of almost any floor surfaces. Even when they are far from being perfectly flat. Certainly the combined properties turn the application of the floor decoration film just fast and easy. Additionally in the first hours the repositioning of the film is also possible without a risk of damaging it.

Just watch the short video clip to sea how plain and simple it can be to apply our floor film. There’s certainly one more, very important property of the adhesive I must mention – its removability. When it comes to floor advertising, they are usually thought to be in place for some time. After that they obviously must be removed. Everyone who at least had to clean up the surface from a glue, knows how annoying this is. Our glue leaves no or little traces that are very easy to get-rid off.

Fast & Easy technology makes the material user friendly – simple application of floor decoration

The Fast & Easy refers to user-friendliness of the product. The material changes the way the film is applied. In this case it doesn’t even require to have a squeegee to use! The sticking is now as simple as can be. An outcome that this film saves the precious time.

Anti-slippery properties – R9 certified safety

We care to check and confirm that every product has the properties we desire. In case of floor decoration film the most important is that it is safe to walk on it. Otherwise it would require additional overlamination layer. The safety for users guaranties R9 certificate. The structure of the film provides even better friction than most of the regular flooring systems.

Print comfortably in most of the available technologies on large format self-adhesive film

Profiflex MRT WF200 is very suitable for wide range of ink types. It prints equally well with the eco solvent, mild solvent, hard solvent, just as with UV, LATEX and also screen-print.

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