The furniture decoration films make change od interior design easy and low cost. There are endless possibilities when it comes to usage of the material. The printed designs look just great. The shapes are sharp and clear. The colors bright and fresh. Finally, the application is as simple as one can wish. Our line of furniture decoration films serves one more very important purpose! It protects the covered surfaces from the damage.

It is proven that changes to space we live or work in, have a good influence on our general condition. There’s no need to move walls or buy completely new set of furniture to fill better. Little, considered changes of details can completely change the perception of a space. Different people look for different things. This is why furniture decoration films show their true power. The power that is their flexibility. Everyone can print whatever comes to mind. You are no longer sentenced to one look of your office or room. Now it can change with almost no effort.

Embossed, flat, glossy or matt surface – the choice of furniture deoration film must be based on expectaction to the final effect

Profiflex LINO D160 is white, matt, embossed decoration material. Its thickness of 160 microns makes it very easy in application. Further, the film can be printed with the eco solvent, mild solvent, hard solvent, latex, UV and screen-print. In addition the adhesive is transparent and removable what makes removal easy and clean. It leaves no trace on the surface. The film itself has very good ageing properties. It remains stable, even if exposed to high temperatures. Special ink absorption technology keeps the printed images vivid and bright for the extended period of time.

Similarly the profiflex MRT FX 150+ is also a thick material what makes it suitable for covering of nonpolar surfaces. Its 150 micro meter thickness makes application very easy as well. Additionally its transparent, removable, high tack adhesive will keep the material in place. Therefore, the range of usage of the film is wide. It will mask imperfections with beautiful designs and give a new life to any furniture set. The film is very comfortable to work with, because of its quality, thickness and durability. If you are looking for matt white decoration media printable in wide range of technologies – this is the right choice.

In case someone needs gloss white material, there’s also one in the offer. Its name is profiflex GPT FX100+. It is distributed on rolls ranging from 1,05 to 1.60 m wide. In conclusion the material is suitable for fast printing. It also has fast drying technology. Moreover, the controlled ink absorption allows to print super vivid and sharp images. The material is also fire-retardant certified PN-EN 13501. That is to say, that this, with no doubt, makes it perfect for indoor usage.

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