Lamination self-adhesive films for special tasks. Ikonos factory offers the range of lamination materials. While all of them are high quality – some distinguish from the rest. We can call them heavy duty laminates due to their enhanced durability. Here are our lamination self-adhesive films for special tasks.

Lamination self-adhesive films for special tasks. Ikonos factory offers the range of lamination materials. Theres a reason to it. Every application is in act different. There are similarities of course, however there are also differences. Because of it the jobs demand some different properties of the material.

Some laminates suppose to be thinner, and some must be thicker. There is no general rule of the approach. Also no universal material exists. The proper choice of the material is the key step at the beginning. Fortunately, Ikonos has many different laminates in the offer. While all of them are high quality – some distinguish from the rest. We can call them heavy duty laminates due to their enhanced durability. Here are our lamination self-adhesive films for special tasks.

Protection of print and the surface

Protection of print and the surface is generally very demanding. The risk of damage of the print increases when the distance between it and the viewer decreases. In other words, the shorter the distance, the bigger the risk. I don’t have in mind only floor surfaces. These are rubbed away if not protected. I am talking about purpose attempt to damage or destroy. In examples the permanent marker, spray paint or a sharp tool can force us to make the job all over again. However the proper overlamination can save us this doubtful pleasure.

Special self-adhesive laminates are durable and easy to maintain

Special self-adhesive laminates are durable and easy to maintain. This little extra cost can save us a lot of time. In fact it has only good sides. Firstly it is PVC-free. The environment will be grateful to you for switching to this line of products. Secondly it allows to remove most of the sprays and markers from the surface. Thirdly, the laminated print can be now cleaned without a risk of damage.

This is the perfect time to try our Antigraffiti & Easy Erase films!

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