Ikonos Research and Development Center – the new investment is about to begin. After months of preparation the new investment starts soon. Certainly, the new building will significantly increase the potential of the company. It means more space, more divisions and also new laboratories.

Ikonos Research and Development Center – the new investment is about to begin. After months of preparation the new investment starts soon. Certainly, the new building will significantly increase the potential of the company. It means more space, more divisions and also new laboratories. Our plans are big and we aim high. All in order to establish Ikonos trademark as the trendsetter on the wide format printing media market.

The new space of almost 4000 sq m! It finally will let us create separate divisions for offset, sublimation, digital printing, etc. With this we plan to introduce many new products to the market. The building of the warehouse will be done by Adamietz.

The printing industry changes over the years. The demand on individual designs gets bigger every year. This is why digital printers are so popular. There are many fields of application. Therefore, each one needs a different material of the different properties. We provide print industry worldwide with high-quality media. Starting from monomeric and polymeric PVC foil for glass, wall, floor decoration. Ending on vinyl-free, PET, PE, PP and paper.

The new Research and Development Center  will be ready on June 2021

new investmentR and D - research development - new wing of ikonos factory of printing decoration media

use Ikonos products to protect against coronavirus

counter shields & personal shields/visors
- eliminate the risk of close contact infection

surface lamination
- makes disinfection easier / protects surfaces -

floor and wall information
- helps to keep order in public places -

A luxurious touch to your space – printable wallpapers

A luxurious touch to your space – printable wallpapers

The healthy environment for work and daily life. The breathing walls provide good moisture regulation. This is one of many reasons why one should consider a wallpaper as a decorative medium. Give a luxurious touch to your space with printable wallpapers.The healthy...

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Frosted effect foil window glass decoration

Frosted effect foil window glass decoration

The frosted effect foil for window glass decoration has many values. The first one is, of course, its look. It is widely recognized as knit and pleasant. Such an application also gives many additional options. It is printable and cuttable. The foil works as a window...

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