New tests show how superior material is our antibacterial foil! It is almost a year since we introduced the product to the market. It has a certificate confirming it is in over 99,9% effective against certain microorganisms! To some extend it also works quite well against the coronavirus.

This thin film performs so well thanks to its original structure. It is not just a thin layer of the antibacterial coating! It is, in fact, the plastic itself. If it was just the coating than it would become useless shortly after application. Certainly, such a surface could not last very long if touched often. Since the whole volume of the foil has antibacterial properties, it can effectively serve its purpose for the very long period. The general design makes it much less vulnerable to damage. Certainly, this is one of the most weighting advantages over competition.

This is Ikonos antibacterial foil – very useful and effective asset for health protection

The effectiveness against the coronavirus is another part of the story. The foil’s antiviral efficacy reaches over 14%. One may say it’s not much. However, we must remember to think about it as a part of the bigger system. Face masks, visor shields, PET curtains, distancing or disinfection – none of these taken alone gives 100% assurance. Each element complements one another.

In addition, let’s discuss other advantages of antibacterial foil. We must mention how effectively it works against many other harmful microbes. The presence of it makes the surfaces safe to use by preventing an infection.

The product designation is to reduce propagation of microorganisms. It generally performs great. Especially if we consider it as a supplement to the bigger safety system. In other words, the presence of ikonos antibacterial foil creates more consistent safety structure.

To find out more – watch the video clip

Cerified for eye protection ultra-clear PET plastic news cover, PET lens on the background of mountain lake view

use Ikonos products to protect against coronavirus

counter shields & personal shields/visors
- eliminate the risk of close contact infection

surface lamination
- makes disinfection easier / protects surfaces -

floor and wall information
- helps to keep order in public places -

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