The most important property of blockout for wide format printing is its opacity. However, there are numbers of other important attributes. As always, we can say – everything matters. And here we go with the list of the important properties of a blockout – material for POS, roll-up & pop-up.

High opacity is super-important! The exposition on a roll-up makes sense only when nothing is backlighting the image. Such effect could be disturbing for the proper reception. This is why every blockout has a light absorbing layer.

Long durability without shrinkage or curling

No shrinkage and no curling. When we present our print, an intention usually is that the image remains flat. In addition, that it doesn’t curl along the edges.

Long durability. This property is simply a cost saver. Usually the roll-up, pop-up & POS solutions are used with some longer term in mind. Therefore, we should always choose the most reliant large format printing media.

Real freedom in choosing the technology, comfort with high-quality printing results

Light surface. In order to create bright reproductions, it requires a light substrate. On one hand the blockout must absorb the backlight, while its front must remain white like a snow. Than and only than the colors can be lifelike and vivid.

High-quality print. Precision, resolution and color saturation are one thing. The other is that physical properties of the medium remain always the same. It is especially important when it comes to large productions. The jobs where repetitiveness is very important. Better players on the market of wide format printing media simply have the ability to keep certain standards.

Printing technology. Many print houses specialize their businesses in order to optimize and make things easier. When it comes to digital print, there are several printing solutions relying on different kinds of inks. Therefore the important property of printing medium is that it is suitable for most of the inks used in digital printing. It guarantees real freedom in choosing the printing technology.

Enhance an image with light - print on backlit - news cover

use Ikonos products to protect against coronavirus

counter shields & personal shields/visors
- eliminate the risk of close contact infection

surface lamination
- makes disinfection easier / protects surfaces -

floor and wall information
- helps to keep order in public places -

Floor advertising and decoration film in the Best Price

Floor advertising and decoration film in the Best Price

Get all the advantages with just one self-adhesive floor decoration film. Lower the costs significantly by using numerous features it offers. Now we offer the BEST PRICE on our reliable, certified floor advertising and decoration film.We offer the Best Prce on our...

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New fully automated converting machine just arrived

New fully automated converting machine just arrived

We are glad to unload the new fully automated converting machine. It just arrived to our factory. Of course, it still has to be reassembled and implemented. It will revolutionize our converting speeds.We are glad to unload the new fully automated converting machine....

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PVC-free Products

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