The world would obviously be different without plastics.  Why are they so widely used? What makes these materials, like Ikonos polyethylene terephthalat (PET) so special?

The world would be totally different without plastics. What makes these materials like Ikonos polyethylene terephthalat so special? For one, we specialize our products. In other words we prepare them for particular purposes. Therefore, we offer a range of PET films. However, similar they may look, their physical properties are different.  The universality is not the best choice in the specialized world. As a result we use another approach.

The plasticity is power. Thanks to only this one characteristics plastics made a stunning career in all businesses. Also military, health & even space industry heavily relies on them.

In fact, the range of applications, covers all human activities. Printing & especially large format (LFP) digital printing as well. On one hand the plastics are present as parts of printers. On the other, the media to these machines are also mostly plastics!

Durable, flexible, easy to clean & disinfect

Yes. We already established that they were very useful thanks to their properties. They are durable, flexible, easy to clean & disinfect. Many of them are also recyclable. And it makes them in addition eco-friendly.

Ikonos is one of the most innovative producers of coated printing media. In our everyday practice we pay special attention to environmental matters. We released in 2019, almost exclusively PVC-free new products.

The present year we opened by changing our packaging systems to be eco. In addition we continue to reduce the printing vinyls share in our production cake. Replacing them with cleaner PVC-free products.

REACH compliant. Ikonos polyethylene terephthalate comes in several variants

However, we are proud of all of our products. All of them are REACH compliant. Also they are certified accordingly to their roles. Especially pride we fill about our PET films. Ikonos polyethylene terephthalate comes in several variants. However all of best quality, the each one line is dedicated for different applications. Thinner ones are mainly for decorative purposes, where in example thicker serve as a base for antivirus systems.

Our 175 mic CUV characterises both low & high temperatures resistance. The product is fire retardant. No flammable gases occur up to 400 C. The material is also very resistant to wide range of chemicals.

Superpet Super PET Polyethylene terephthalate news cover

use Ikonos products to protect against coronavirus

counter shields & personal shields/visors
- eliminate the risk of close contact infection

surface lamination
- makes disinfection easier / protects surfaces -

floor and wall information
- helps to keep order in public places -

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The best blockout in the best price – new formula

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Open Days. Find the best LFP media line for Your business.

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