Open Days 26-27.10.2022. Find the best LFP media line, and printing system for Your business. Ikonos Media & Atrium Centrum Ploterowe team has everything one can wish for in the market of the digital large format printing.

Traditionally we organize Open Days every few months. The event takes places in our new Laboratory of Print which is the part of new Ikonos Research & development Center.
Such occasion as this is a great opportunity to find out about all the novelties in the market. Additionally, since we have numerous printing systems in one place, it put LFP media to the test in different environments and technologies.

Printed forsted foil cut letter shape shop exposition window front decoration and advertising
The startegic partner MondoPlastico visits our headquarters

The startegic partner MondoPlastico visits our headquarters

It is always the best way to meet in person. This week we had great pleasure to have as our guests here in our headquarters in Opole, Andrea and Francesco from one of our most startegic partners MondoPlastico (Mondorevive). Mondoplastico is one of our key suppliers...

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