No one likes unpleasant surprises, which delay the production. The trick is to synchronize everything, so it is like a clockwork. Today’s inquiry is on paper printing media for wide format plotters.

Every wide format plotter needs a substrate to print on. How to find the best one? The safest way is to rely on known trademarks, reliable producers and punctual distributors. After all, noone likes unpleasant surprises, which delay the production. The trick is to synchronize everything so it be like a clockwork. Todays inquiry is on paper printing media for wide format plotter machine.

The printing media must be from the known source. Than and only than the printing can go smoothly.

Firstly, we must know what role the material must perform. Otherwise, we couldn’t even know what properties we are looking for. If we already know what we need than the next step is to find the most suitable material. What does it mean? It means the one that have the needed properties. Also, these properties must be constant. It is unacceptable if they vary. This is why the printing media must be from the known source. Than and only than the printing can go smoothly.

Even thickness, the tint of the surface, density on all material’s length are very important.

Secondly, we must find the golden mean. The material must be user friendly. An even thickness, the tint of the surface, density on all its length are certainly very important. Our printing paper must also allow to print reproductions adequate resolution.

With Ikonos Media you gain the reliable business partner. We are European large format plotter media producer. Our products are known for their quality. We have range of paper printing media for wide format plotters. Each one ideal for different kind of job. We offer water-resistant bluebacks designed for billboard expositions. Nonwoven printable wallpapers for interior decoration. In addition, one can also find the top-shelve photo paper. The perfect medium for art photo exhibitions.

To summarize. The condition and quality of the wide format printing machine is one of several elements. The properties and quality of paper printing media is another. There’s also reliability of the producer and distributor. And finally the qualifications of an operator. With Ikonos Media fortunately, you do not need to worry about media anymore.

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